Good News, Everyone!

Hello, everyone.

Since closed beta started I’ve made two important decisions:

– Ignition Impulse will be released in late 2011 instead of early 2012 (for both Windows and Mac).

– Ignition Impulse will be released under a Pay-What-You-Want model. The demo will be the full version of the game, and the minimum donation accepted for the game will be $1 (to account for PayPal’s transaction costs).

That’s all.

Beta is coming

After over a year in development my first game will soon be moving from alpha to beta testing, with a schedule to release in late 2011 or early 2012. I missed old school two dimensional graphics and mechanics so straightforward tutorials were unnecessary. I missed blasting through a game and knowing that there was a huge universe out there I could discover, something few big name games have accomplished in recent memory.

And so I started working on my game. It started as a top-down, star ship captain style of play in the vein of space trading and shooters of yore. And it was fun, so it stayed that way.

I wish my friends and family a fond thank you for putting up with my odd hours and cantankerous debugging nature. I also wish to thank my alpha testers who killed an endless amount of space pirates just to see if I fixed that one, teeny tiny, bug.

And to that very special someone who actually collected over 10,000 upgrade nodes just to show that I needed more room on my interface to display them.