Quad to enter Open Alpha on April 2, 2012

(Edit: The Open Alpha may be released earlier than usual due to unusual circumstances.)


A hard deadline has been set for the Quad Open Alpha! I will be releasing v0.1a for both Windows and Mac on April 2 on the forums and its new website www.Quad-Game.com.

The Alpha cycle will be used primarily to fix bugs and get the core game mechanics implemented. You may, of course, submit any opinion you wish from art to music to sound to how much you hate Bloats. Just understand that the main focus will be on bug fixes and core mechanics.

Beta cycle (no date set yet) will address balance concerns and art consistency and the sort of polish expected of a quality game.

Quad Screenshots and an Update

Since Ignition Impulse 1.0 came out two weeks ago I’ve been working on my next game, Quad. The forum link has some early information on my brainstorming and I’d like to iterate some points I’ve cemented into my tech build.

  • Quad will be a turn and squad based game.
  • Squad member movements and fire are limited to non-diagonal directions.
  • Squad members may fire non-explosive projectiles through tiles containing friendlies.
  • There will be both static and procedurally generated dungeons.
  • Squad members have permadeath. However…
  • …The game has a limited save system. You will require a rare item and the proper location.
  • You may recruit other squad members during the game, but the max squad size is four.
  • Some terrain is destructible. This may attract enemies but allows you to carve paths toward goals.

I aim to have an open alpha starting in early April. Here are some screenshots of the tech build:


Quad Main Menu
Quad Main Menu
Tech Build Shot
Tech Build Shot


Lava Level
Lava Level


Currently I am working on squad abilities, making sprites and tilesets, and algorithms for map generation. I hope to have at least three unique dungeon generators with their own sets of tiles to make Quad a really replayable game.

More indepth inventory and monster types will most likely come after the open alpha in April.