Quad v0.4a Released!

Version 0.4a takes Quad in a different direction. Overworlds and dungeon locations, oh my! Grab it at the Quad site or from the forum!

New Features
– Implemented Overworld map.
– Added Forgotten Ruins, Castle Sun Gleam, Volcano Lair, and Ice Fortress dungeons.
– Added unique music for each dungeon type.
– Implemented health indicators for monsters.
– Added camera movements and a fadeout screen for descending stairs.
– Stairs have a random chance to lead to the Overworld. You may chose to continue the dungeon.
– Added Leader class Cohort Armor, Scout class Lobster Armor, Grenadier class Frog Armor, and Support class Legion Armor.
– Added new Grass tileset.
– Added new Crumbling Wall/Vine tileset.
– Squad avatars in readouts and squad information window now reflect current equipped gear.
– Stripped most unused assets.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed fog of war cover not updating properly during load game.
– Updates fog of war properly after smashing down all types of walls.
– Fixed Support weapons not generating over full range of sprites.
– Fixed Leader name overwriting Scout name during stair descent.
– Fixed inventory dupe bug involving loading save games.
– Fixed bug where squad inventory did not persist properly with an empty inventory.
– Fixed bug where spamming end turn key could cause desynchronization with character indicator.
– Fixed bug where the save state preview on he main menu had the Support character holding the Scout weapon.

Quad v0.3a Released!

Quad v0.3a Fog of War

Version 0.3a is a big one as you can see from the changelog below. Grab it at the Quad site or from the forum!

New Features
– Partial Fog of War with line-of-sight implemented.
– Monsters can go dormant with no nearby stimuli.
– Enemies will now prioritize squad members based on line-of-sight instead of proximity.
– Added floating combat damage numbers.
– Added treasure chests with randomly spawned weapon loot inside.
– Monsters now slide into position when moving.
– Unsmashable walls now have a 25% chance of being smashed.
– Added scaling number of monster spawns based on dungeon level.
– Added new monster types, “Overlord”, “Frost Troll”, “Grinch”.
– Made only certain type of monsters appear in certain dungeon types.
– Added armor ratings for monsters.
– Removed burrowing/unburrowing – not fun.
– Separated Armor and Weapon sprites on squad members’ avatars.
– Added randomly generated weapon sprites for squad members.
– Added partially opaque back panels to squad member information and scrolling event text.
– Added new background music for different dungeon types.
– New tileset for water dungeon.
– New stairs image added.
– Added weapon stat labels in the Squad Information Window.
– Added level up animation and sound effect.
– Background music is dependent on dungeon type.
– Monster spawning holes have chance to appear/spawn monsters reduced.
– Numerous monster AI optimizations so end turn executes faster.

Bug Fixes
– New/Load game now clears the event log.
– Monsters will no longer spawn on squad members or on other monsters.
– Refactored death handling; should have fixed crashing issue.
– Treasure chests will no longer generate loot for dead squad members.
– Fixed bug where spawning holes could fail to spawn a monster of the correct type.

Quad v0.2a has landed!

Version 0.2a fixes some game crashing bugs and adds some more refined gui elements to ease the learning curve of the game. You can get the game at the official website Quad-Game or the Worthless Bums forums.

The full changelog is below:

New Features
Implemented basic tutorial overlay (default keybind ‘T’).
Implemented fire control target indicators.
Implemented inventory tooltips.
Added f1, f2, f3, f4 keybinds for selecting the individual squad members directly.
Added a Continue button to the main menu.
New and Load main menu buttons now prompt player if a game is in progress.
Implemented new tileset.
Added new dungeon generation type, “Cavern”.

Bug Fixes
Fixed squad member selection crash if only the Leader and Support were alive.
Fixed Load Game function triggering when there is no load state.
Fixed weapon ready action persisting to next squad member if manually selected.
Fixed weapon data not propogating to Squad Information Screen on load game.
Fixed default keybindings not reverting properly.

If keybinds show up blank in the options dialog when you install v0.2a over v0.1a, just hit the button to revert to default settings – that should resolve the issue.