Quad v0.5.5a has been released!

You can download it at the official site or the forums. Changelog is below:


New Features
– Added a half second delay between each Action Point spent during the monsters’ turns so the player can more easily see what they are doing.
– Added Squad Follow/Solo Mode so just one squad member can lead the squad.
– Squad members can auto-fire in follow mod.
– Added support for Squad Follow mode with less than four members alive.
– Added minimap.
– Added (better) widescreen support with black bars to maintain aspect ratio.
– Added camera shake when a squad member gets damaged.
– Updated monster health bar images to avoid render issues at higher display resolutions.
– Updated stairs graphic.
– Added Imp monster type.
– Added temporary fog uncover when initiating fire controls.
– Leader class only requires 1 AP to perform a fire action.
– Increased Scout weapons’ base range randomizer from 2-4 to 4-6.
– Grenadier has chance to destroy destructible terrain with aoe attack.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed bug with end turn sound effect being played each time a monster used an action point. This allowed the player to know how many action points the fastest monster on the map had.
– Fixed the Tutorial Toggle key not always accepting custom keybinds correctly.
– Fixed bug with squad follow mode breaking seemingly at random.
– Fixed Squad Follow Mode to be in lockstep with active character movements.
– Fixed squad members’ fields of view being skewed slightly east and south.

Quad v0.5a has arrived with Squad Powers!

You can grab Quad v0.5 at the official site or on the forums!

Squad Power Bash
Squad Power Bash
Squad Power Radar
Squad Power Radar
Squad Power Shield
Squad Power Shield


This build includes the following changes:


New Features
– Added new Squad Powers Bash and Radar.
– Added color coded event log messages.
– Forced text reflow for scrolling event log.
– Forgotten Ruins now have smaller generated dungeon maps.
– Monsters can sleep, allowing the squad to ambush or sneak around them.
– Monsters awoken from sleep will awake nearby monsters.
– Monsters can have multiple Action Points to draw on per turn.
– Fire Elementals can throw fireballs again (damage has been scaled down).
– Winged Raptors now have more action points and can gain bursts of speed near their targets.
– Frost Trolls can now power up and charge nearby squad members.
– Armor names generate properly instead of using weapon names.
– The event log now informs the player when the turn has been auto-ended.
Bug Fixes
– Fixed squad death sometimes triggering when squad was still alive.
– Fixed character level being saved as 1 when it is actually 2.
– Squad members can now properly fire over stairs.
– Firing at monsters wakes them up, even if the character misses.
– Monster bashing can no longer knock squad members onto obstacles.
– Fixed bug with being able to descend stairs on the main menu.
– Miscellaneous bug fixes involving bashing objects onto other objects.