Steam Marines has undergone a lot of changes since I last posted…

Steam Marines is still in active development and the current build is v0.7.5a, still for PC/Mac. I’ve gained and lost an artist, gotten a decent bit of exposure on Steam Greenlight, and have trimmed a lot of fat and added tons of content (3 decks and 10 enemies not including variants, and a gateway boss and a mini-boss).

Originally the game was to be released by the end of Q2 2013, but as of right now it looks as if it’s unlikely to be done by the end of Q3 2013. D’oh.

Lots of thoughts about meaningful actions versus exploration in turn-based systems, procedurally level generation, player/AI balance, and other game design type issues. I’ll be fleshing those thoughts out more in future posts, mostly to aggregate them all in one place for myself.

Btw how cool is this?

Steam Marines Game Over Screen
Game Over, Marines!