Quad v0.5.5a has been released!

You can download it at the official site or the forums. Changelog is below:


New Features
– Added a half second delay between each Action Point spent during the monsters’ turns so the player can more easily see what they are doing.
– Added Squad Follow/Solo Mode so just one squad member can lead the squad.
– Squad members can auto-fire in follow mod.
– Added support for Squad Follow mode with less than four members alive.
– Added minimap.
– Added (better) widescreen support with black bars to maintain aspect ratio.
– Added camera shake when a squad member gets damaged.
– Updated monster health bar images to avoid render issues at higher display resolutions.
– Updated stairs graphic.
– Added Imp monster type.
– Added temporary fog uncover when initiating fire controls.
– Leader class only requires 1 AP to perform a fire action.
– Increased Scout weapons’ base range randomizer from 2-4 to 4-6.
– Grenadier has chance to destroy destructible terrain with aoe attack.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed bug with end turn sound effect being played each time a monster used an action point. This allowed the player to know how many action points the fastest monster on the map had.
– Fixed the Tutorial Toggle key not always accepting custom keybinds correctly.
– Fixed bug with squad follow mode breaking seemingly at random.
– Fixed Squad Follow Mode to be in lockstep with active character movements.
– Fixed squad members’ fields of view being skewed slightly east and south.

Quad v0.5a has arrived with Squad Powers!

You can grab Quad v0.5 at the official site or on the forums!

Squad Power Bash
Squad Power Bash
Squad Power Radar
Squad Power Radar
Squad Power Shield
Squad Power Shield


This build includes the following changes:


New Features
– Added new Squad Powers Bash and Radar.
– Added color coded event log messages.
– Forced text reflow for scrolling event log.
– Forgotten Ruins now have smaller generated dungeon maps.
– Monsters can sleep, allowing the squad to ambush or sneak around them.
– Monsters awoken from sleep will awake nearby monsters.
– Monsters can have multiple Action Points to draw on per turn.
– Fire Elementals can throw fireballs again (damage has been scaled down).
– Winged Raptors now have more action points and can gain bursts of speed near their targets.
– Frost Trolls can now power up and charge nearby squad members.
– Armor names generate properly instead of using weapon names.
– The event log now informs the player when the turn has been auto-ended.
Bug Fixes
– Fixed squad death sometimes triggering when squad was still alive.
– Fixed character level being saved as 1 when it is actually 2.
– Squad members can now properly fire over stairs.
– Firing at monsters wakes them up, even if the character misses.
– Monster bashing can no longer knock squad members onto obstacles.
– Fixed bug with being able to descend stairs on the main menu.
– Miscellaneous bug fixes involving bashing objects onto other objects.

Quad v0.4a Released!

Version 0.4a takes Quad in a different direction. Overworlds and dungeon locations, oh my! Grab it at the Quad site or from the forum!

New Features
– Implemented Overworld map.
– Added Forgotten Ruins, Castle Sun Gleam, Volcano Lair, and Ice Fortress dungeons.
– Added unique music for each dungeon type.
– Implemented health indicators for monsters.
– Added camera movements and a fadeout screen for descending stairs.
– Stairs have a random chance to lead to the Overworld. You may chose to continue the dungeon.
– Added Leader class Cohort Armor, Scout class Lobster Armor, Grenadier class Frog Armor, and Support class Legion Armor.
– Added new Grass tileset.
– Added new Crumbling Wall/Vine tileset.
– Squad avatars in readouts and squad information window now reflect current equipped gear.
– Stripped most unused assets.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed fog of war cover not updating properly during load game.
– Updates fog of war properly after smashing down all types of walls.
– Fixed Support weapons not generating over full range of sprites.
– Fixed Leader name overwriting Scout name during stair descent.
– Fixed inventory dupe bug involving loading save games.
– Fixed bug where squad inventory did not persist properly with an empty inventory.
– Fixed bug where spamming end turn key could cause desynchronization with character indicator.
– Fixed bug where the save state preview on he main menu had the Support character holding the Scout weapon.

Quad v0.3a Released!

Quad v0.3a Fog of War

Version 0.3a is a big one as you can see from the changelog below. Grab it at the Quad site or from the forum!

New Features
– Partial Fog of War with line-of-sight implemented.
– Monsters can go dormant with no nearby stimuli.
– Enemies will now prioritize squad members based on line-of-sight instead of proximity.
– Added floating combat damage numbers.
– Added treasure chests with randomly spawned weapon loot inside.
– Monsters now slide into position when moving.
– Unsmashable walls now have a 25% chance of being smashed.
– Added scaling number of monster spawns based on dungeon level.
– Added new monster types, “Overlord”, “Frost Troll”, “Grinch”.
– Made only certain type of monsters appear in certain dungeon types.
– Added armor ratings for monsters.
– Removed burrowing/unburrowing – not fun.
– Separated Armor and Weapon sprites on squad members’ avatars.
– Added randomly generated weapon sprites for squad members.
– Added partially opaque back panels to squad member information and scrolling event text.
– Added new background music for different dungeon types.
– New tileset for water dungeon.
– New stairs image added.
– Added weapon stat labels in the Squad Information Window.
– Added level up animation and sound effect.
– Background music is dependent on dungeon type.
– Monster spawning holes have chance to appear/spawn monsters reduced.
– Numerous monster AI optimizations so end turn executes faster.

Bug Fixes
– New/Load game now clears the event log.
– Monsters will no longer spawn on squad members or on other monsters.
– Refactored death handling; should have fixed crashing issue.
– Treasure chests will no longer generate loot for dead squad members.
– Fixed bug where spawning holes could fail to spawn a monster of the correct type.

Quad v0.2a has landed!

Version 0.2a fixes some game crashing bugs and adds some more refined gui elements to ease the learning curve of the game. You can get the game at the official website Quad-Game or the Worthless Bums forums.

The full changelog is below:

New Features
Implemented basic tutorial overlay (default keybind ‘T’).
Implemented fire control target indicators.
Implemented inventory tooltips.
Added f1, f2, f3, f4 keybinds for selecting the individual squad members directly.
Added a Continue button to the main menu.
New and Load main menu buttons now prompt player if a game is in progress.
Implemented new tileset.
Added new dungeon generation type, “Cavern”.

Bug Fixes
Fixed squad member selection crash if only the Leader and Support were alive.
Fixed Load Game function triggering when there is no load state.
Fixed weapon ready action persisting to next squad member if manually selected.
Fixed weapon data not propogating to Squad Information Screen on load game.
Fixed default keybindings not reverting properly.

If keybinds show up blank in the options dialog when you install v0.2a over v0.1a, just hit the button to revert to default settings – that should resolve the issue.


Quad to enter Open Alpha on April 2, 2012

(Edit: The Open Alpha may be released earlier than usual due to unusual circumstances.)


A hard deadline has been set for the Quad Open Alpha! I will be releasing v0.1a for both Windows and Mac on April 2 on the forums and its new website www.Quad-Game.com.

The Alpha cycle will be used primarily to fix bugs and get the core game mechanics implemented. You may, of course, submit any opinion you wish from art to music to sound to how much you hate Bloats. Just understand that the main focus will be on bug fixes and core mechanics.

Beta cycle (no date set yet) will address balance concerns and art consistency and the sort of polish expected of a quality game.

Quad Screenshots and an Update

Since Ignition Impulse 1.0 came out two weeks ago I’ve been working on my next game, Quad. The forum link has some early information on my brainstorming and I’d like to iterate some points I’ve cemented into my tech build.

  • Quad will be a turn and squad based game.
  • Squad member movements and fire are limited to non-diagonal directions.
  • Squad members may fire non-explosive projectiles through tiles containing friendlies.
  • There will be both static and procedurally generated dungeons.
  • Squad members have permadeath. However…
  • …The game has a limited save system. You will require a rare item and the proper location.
  • You may recruit other squad members during the game, but the max squad size is four.
  • Some terrain is destructible. This may attract enemies but allows you to carve paths toward goals.

I aim to have an open alpha starting in early April. Here are some screenshots of the tech build:


Quad Main Menu
Quad Main Menu
Tech Build Shot
Tech Build Shot


Lava Level
Lava Level


Currently I am working on squad abilities, making sprites and tilesets, and algorithms for map generation. I hope to have at least three unique dungeon generators with their own sets of tiles to make Quad a really replayable game.

More indepth inventory and monster types will most likely come after the open alpha in April.

Quad (new game, working title)

I would like to share some details on my next game, Quad.

I won’t be sharing the full game design document, because if there’s anything I’ve learned while developing Ignition Impulse, it’s that ideas get cut or radically changed. However, I would like to share some of the design concepts that I’ve been brainstorming.

I like RPGs. The character progression, the phat lewtz, and controlling a party. But I have two issues with most RPGs these days:

1) You always start off weak and work your way up to become powerful.

2) You can go back, grinding on low level mobs until you are able to defeat the higher level mobs in your way.


Traditionally you upgrade your character by getting more health, more magic (or relevant non-fantasy secondary resource), and upgrading equipment. You also have ways of resurrecting party members and getting yourself back up to full strength before the next battle. The funny thing is, the most fun parts of RPGs to me are the times where you can’t do those things. When you’re running a gauntlet and there’s no save point. You can’t go back and grind levels to beat this bastard, you have to figure out a way to kill him with the tools you have on hand.


Besides those issues, I’m also a fan of survival horror. Of the Resident Evil series, the second and third are my favorites. You needed proper resource and inventory management. Poor management was punished and good management was rewarded. They also had an awesome limited save system dictated by ink ribbons you found during the game which also translated to your final score at the end (less saves = higher score).


To that end I have several goals for Quad:

1. Heavy focus on resource management. Little ammunition, rare health gain/regeneration, and permanent death for marines.

2. You start the game off strong. Marines are well armed and armored and have plenty of ammunition. As you progress you will inevitably lose health, armor, and expend ammunition – as enemies get stronger/more numerous and the dungeon levels get more complex.

3. Saving the game can only be performed in safe rooms, and then only if the party has the proper inventory item (save crystals, we’ll call them for now).

4. Each character/monster has a turn, and actions are dictated by Action Points. Different actions can cost a different number of Action Points depending on stats, skills, Marine class/rank, and other factors.

5. Explosives are consumable items looted from slain enemies/supply crates that not only do area of effect damage but can blast new paths, either to circumvent an undesired location and/or reveal more loot/monsters.

6. While doing away with the “starting off weak” concept, I also wanted to keep the sense of character progression. Character levels do not grant extra health, but they do grant additional Action Points and points the player may spend in a variety of skills.

7. Each individual Marine has his or her individual achievements that grant permanent bonuses. Killed that giant fire ogre? Everyone who survived that encounter gets +1 Fire Resist. Killed four enemies in one turn? Get +1 to your maximum Action Point total.

8. But Marines can die. How do you get more? Mini-Bosses hold Marines captive. They are weak, without armor or proper weaponry. When you rescue these Marines you can recruit them if you have room in your party. If you don’t, they’ll offer you a save crystal.

9. Each Marine can only carry what is on his or her back. The exceptions to this are save crystals and ammunition which are shared across the party. When a new piece of gear is found it must either be equipped or discarded (permanently destroyed).

10. I’m of two minds on equipment durability. If I implement fully tiered, hand-assigned stat items there will probably be no durability. If I implement randomized gear there will most likely be durability. The idea is to force the player to make an intelligent decision. For example, if there is durability, which is better, the +10 Body Armor at 50/100 durability or the +7 Body Armor at 100/100 durability? Note that I will not implement durability for weapons. I think that would be far too frustrating without adding much to gameplay value.

11. Experience is the same among all party members regardless of size. There are no bonus points/larger experience gains for running with less than four Marines in the party.

12. There will be a final goal in the game, but in keeping with the more hardcore nature of this beast, you will be allowed to continue playing after the final goal is accomplished.


Thanks for taking the time to read! Feel free to post any comments or suggestions either here or on the Quad forums.